EP6T success on Topband

THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 2015: Heard XW8DX very weak after our sunset on 1812 kHz, first from northeast and later from southeast. But the prize for the night was EP6T, in the log at 0307z (Friday Jan. 23), just before sunrise on Kish Island in Iran. TX frequency there was 1823.47 and we were about 2 kHz up. No. 322 on Topband for AA1K.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 2015: As luck would have it, the band opened early today with VK3HJ and VK3XQ in the log between 1030-1100z, well before our 1220z sunrise. But no sign of the long sought-after T88, nor anything else close to sunrise.

But the opening did end a dry spell on the morning watch, with JR7VHZ last DX worked on Jan. 9 and VK6DXI on Dec. 30.

With the EP6T operation due to rev up shortly, we’ll be focusing more on the evening watch. There has been regular though not spectacular European activity on the nights we’ve checked.

Some XW activity expected soon too on Topband.

73/Jon AA1K