Listen to loud FT4JA signal as heard at AA1K

FT4JA on Juan de Nova Island showed up shortly after 0100z April 2, 2016, on 1821 kHz. Signal was mostly S7-8 from then until dropping at their 0314z sunrise and finally gone at 0329z. No luck at AA1K, but Clublog showed they had 83 new North Americans in the log for the night, bringing their 160 meter NA total to 98. Fifteen had been worked previous nights.

This 18-minute audio clip made using Audacity was recorded from my Elecraft K3 which was set for diversity reception using stagger-phased Beverages 750 feet long and a single Beverage 950 feet long. Their signal was peaking from the northeast nearly the entire time, a skewed path we have seen frequently for DX in this region. Direct path is 92 degrees, and we raised two new Beverages on that heading this week that went mostly unused in this opening.

The clip includes their QSOs with K1ZM, VE3JI, K4ZW, K1WHS and numerous other North Americans and a few Europeans. You’ll hear my sidetone as well as occasional flips to the pileup as I was trying to spot their RX frequency.